24.09.2009 | Kiev, Ukraine

Thematic workshop "Scientific Mobility: opportunity, future trends, problems"

Workshop to elucidate the possibilities of a new bilateral EU-Ukraine Working Group and to provide stakeholders with a knowledge for joint actions on a "Mobillity" Programme.

Aim of the Workshop:
The objective of the workshop was to elucidate the possibilities of joint actions for the establishment of a new bilateral EU-Ukraine Working Group; providing stakeholders with a knowledge base and developing the agenda for joint actions on a "Mobillity" Programme connected with the international dimension of the FP7 Specific Programme "People" and relevant Ukrainian instruments; and provisioning the elaboration of a potential joint roadmap for enhancing scientific mobility.

Representatives of Ukrainian institutions, universities, ministries; representatives of the European Commission and BILAT-UKR consortium partners.

Venue: Great Conference Hall of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine



FP7 specific programme "People", Marie Curie Actions (T. Meziani)

Knowledge Base on mobility and Inventory of mobility programmes between Ukraine and EU (V. Yashenkov)

Experience of participation in international programmes and projects (A. Belayev)

Success stories of the "Mobility" programme in FP7

By Irena Yermakova

By Volodymyr Gun'ko

Y. Pavlenko for the Ropacs project

Experiences in mobility programmes

French experience (G. Colin)

Polish experience (M. Jaworska)

Romanian Experience (O. Costea)

Problems of cooperation