This section offers an overview of public BILAT-UKR documents that can be downloaded and general information material about EU-Ukrainian S&T cooperation

Project abstract, flyers and brochures

Fact Sheet about the project (update 2012)


Information on FP7 for Ukrainian target groups

Flyer with information on European Research funding within the 7th Framework programme (update 2012)

Brochure "ПОСИЛЕННЯ ДВОСТОРОНЬОГО НАУКОВО-ТЕХНІЧНОГО СПІВРОБІТНИЦТВА В УКРАЇНІ" ("ENHANCING THE BILATERAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY PARTNERSHIP IN UKRAINE") in Ukrainian language, distributed during the BILAT-UKR Final Conference (31 January + 01 February 2012) as part of the conference material.

Presentation "SICAs: FP7 instruments for international cooperation" by the European Commission with general information on International Cooperation in FP7, on the Capacities INCO instrument and an overview of all SICAs and other instruments open for the partcipation of third countries in the 2010 work programme of FP7.


Public BILAT-UKR documents/ deliverables (reports, analyses, inventories)

Deliverable 1.1: Inventory of relevant sources of information

Deliverable 1.2-1: Several case studies of good cooperation practice in S&T - methodological survey approach 

Deliverable 1.2-2: Follow-up and updating of several case studies of good cooperation practice in S&T - five top best practices 

Deliverable 1.5: Inventory of Frequently Asked Questions on Ukrainian participation in FP7

Deliverable 1.8: EU-Ukrainian S&T Cooperation Internet Guide/ List of relevant sites for S&T awareness raising

Deliverable 2.1: Inventory of national, bilateral and Community Rules for S&T cooperation (update of 22 Feb 2012)

Deliverable 2.5: Discussion Paper on common sustainable legal and organisational frames  

Deliberable 2.6: Discussion Paper on the prospects of S&T in the future EU–Ukrainian ENPI Action Plans  

Deliverable 2.7: Inventory of opportunities for collaboration between Romania, Ukraine and Poland, Annex 1, Annex 2, Annex 3

Deliverable 2.8: Policy Brief for a joint funding mechanisms - the case of Twinning 

Deliverable 2.11: Benefits and barriers of RTD cooperation between Ukraine and the EU – (Part 2 of D2.2– Inventory of “good cooperation practice” – results of the survey)

Deliverable 3.1: Inventory of relevant inward and outward mobility programmes between Ukraine and the EU

Deliverable 3.2: Inventory of existing and upcoming international accessible medium and large scale S&T infrastructures in Ukraine

Deliverable 3.3: Inventory of existing joint and upcoming innovation oriented measures between Ukraine and the EU 

Deliverable 3.5: Report on the Regional Workshop “Ukrainian S&T infrastructure: development and perspectives for UA-EU cooperation"

Deliverable 3.6: Report on the Thematic workshop on innovation with relevant stakeholders from policy-making, science and industry

Deliverable 3.9: Road map on innovation activities in UA and options for enhanced EU-Ukrainian innovation activities 

Deliverable 4.3: Scientific Workshop with Concluding Reports on Thematic Subtopics for EU-Ukraine Cooperation 

Deliverable 4.5: Frequently asked question on European Technology Platforms (updated)

Deliverable 4.8: Inventory of Ukrainian institutions as nucleus for National Platforms

Deliverable 4.9: Recommendations on the setting up of Ukrainian Mirror Technology Platforms

Deliverable 5.1.5: Report on the BILAT-UKR Final Conference, Kiev, January 31st and February 1st, 2012, List of participants 


Documents related to EU-Ukrainian (S&T) cooperation from other sources

EU-Ukraine Association Agenda

List of EU-Ukraine association agenda priorities for 2010

EU/Ukraine Action Plan

European Neighbourhood Policy- Country Report Ukraine

ENPI Country Strategy Paper Ukraine

ENPI National Indicative Programme Ukraine 



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  • Nathalie Francès

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